vol 5. summer dvd

vol 5. summer dvd


Volume 5 of ABC4Kids hit dirtgirlworld on DVD! Full of great ideas for outdoor play!

With the sun beating down on dirtgirlworld, dirtgirl can enjoy long summer days playing outside. The only problem is that having the sun around for so long will mean that no one will ever want to go to bed!

 Episodes (& songs):

1. dream (good morning)

2. scrap box racer (circles)

3. egg (eggsellent)

4. tall (grow up)

5. solstice (hayman)

6. fungus (gettin funky in da compost) 

PAL/Region 4 (Australia and New Zealand)

Playing time 66 mins. Aspect ratio 16:9. Subtitles in English. Produced in Australia by Madman Entertainment Pty Ltd.

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