vol 4. winter dvd

vol 4. winter dvd


The 4th volume of the ABC4Kids show dirtgirlworld on DVD! A perfect gift for those who love chickens and frogs!

There’s frost on the ground and it’s freezing outside, but winter is one of dirtgirl’s favourite times (along with Summer, Spring and Autumn).

 Episodes (& songs):

1. rainbows (chicken jam)

2. wheels (rejoice - the happy song)

3. water (every little drop)

4. windy (helping hands)

5. pond pals (nature walkabout)

6. beach (whatever weather)

 PAL/Region 4 (Australia and New Zealand)

Playing time 66 mins. Aspect ratio 16:9. Subtitles in English. Produced in Australia by Madman Entertainment Pty Ltd.  

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