dirtgirlworld scrapbook

dirtgirlworld scrapbook


We live in an unreal world. It’s fun to spend time outdoors. At the end of the day, I like to record my outdoor adventures in my scrapbook. Now you can too. This fully expandable scrapbook can become a daily diary, a garden journal, a recipe book, an art pad or a field guide – in fact, anything you like.

It will be amazing to look back through your scrapbook and see how much you have learned and re-live all the adventures you have had getting grubby.

with love from 

dirtgirl xxx

What's inside?

  •         Ideas for keeping your scrapbook
  •         64 heavy weight dirtgirlworld blank pages
  •         1 sheet of full colour scraps to cut and paste
  •         2 sheets of craft papers
  •         Plus loads of other fun scraps on the inside of the packaging

Designed and printed in Australia on 100% recycled paper by LeafJournals

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