digital download - dirtgirl rocks the planet

digital download - dirtgirl rocks the planet


A monster collection of kids songs from award-winning ABC4kids show dirtgirlworld.  Eco-friendly kids music to get the planet rockin’. This popular kids cd is perfect for pre-school and early childhood age groups.


This popular kids CD from dirtgirl’s World Environment Day concert 2012, contains 17 hits from award winning ABC4Kids show dirtgirlworld including 2 new great songs written especially for the show.

If you like your kids music a bit ACDC, then dirtgirl rocks the planet is what you’ve been waiting for.

Buy it from our eco-store today and see for yourself how kids music can get the planet rockin’.


dirtgirlworld theme song | dance all day* | nature walkabout | dig it | ev'ry little drop | buzzy buzzy | circles | jump | hayman | funky in da compost | little things | happy song | eco hoedown* | chicken jam | big orange tractor | get grubby | wing ding 

* First release on this album


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