vol 2. bugs dvd

vol 2. bugs dvd


Volume 2 of popular ABC4Kids dirtgirlworld on DVD! A great kids gift for under $20.

Full of bizarre insects,vaudevillian trainedchickens & performing stunt bugs,thisDVD makes a great kids gift for under $20.

Episodes (& songs):

     1. slugs (best worst bug) 

     2. antics (little things) 

     3. butterflies (creepy crawly conga) 

     4. bees (buzzy buzzy) 

     5. worms (funky in da compost) 

     6. walkabout (nature walkabout)

     7. Bonus episode: treasure (lalalala)

PAL/Region 4 (Australia and New Zealand)

Playing time 77 mins including bonus episode. Aspect ratio 16:9. Subtitles in English. Produced in Australia by Madman Entertainment Pty Ltd.

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